A Place in which the Exchange of Ideas and Synergies Allows You to Imagine, Design and Build Solutions that Combine the Prestige of Artisanal Uniqueness with the Most Innovative Technologies.

Studio D21Architettura

A Hallmark of Character

Studio D21Architettura offers design solutions that cover all clients’ needs: from the private individual’s personal home, to both the small and large real estate companies projects in the real estate sector; from the interior design project, to the supply of bespoke furnishing accessories. Each project is based on design guidelines that, through the purity of its lines, enhances the materials, lights and spaces used.

Competencies for Each Request

Through partnerships and continuous interchange, D21A has a set of skills to cover every request, from the design of refined details for furnishing accessories to the redevelopment of large industrial centres.

Designing Wellness

D21A designs living solutions that involve spaces, materials, greenery, lighting and interiors in order to create environments guaranteeing a unique well-being. These include homes, offices and boutiques. D21A integrates marble, parquet, metals, wallpaper and refined furnishing accessories. A bespoke, Made in Italy interior design.


Based on its client’s requests, D21A can provide a General Contractor service due to the close partnership it has with Construzioni Cappellari.
Through this partnership we benefit from a complete, total and integrated service, delivering projects with a turnkey formula and in well-defined times. D21A’s professionalism, combined with that of Costruzioni Cappellari, guarantees precise and skilled work.

The value of time is carefully balanced and an agenda of works is drawn up and respected at all times. This is made possible due to the precise planning that happens prior to the project’s launch, careful attention to the details and specific requests of the client who remains at the center of all phases of the project’s development.

Every detail and every finish is discussed transparently with the client.