Villa Calipso

This villa was designed as a solid link between two souls.
On the one hand, the front part is clean and impressive. The monumental scale is made lighter by the sinuous and elongated lines of the walls and by the different combinations of materials which treat the light in different ways, hour after hour.
From the south, the view is reminiscent of a ship’s bow. From this position, we see the clear difference between the two types of the structure’s geometry and the way they complement each other. The stone block on the first floor joins them transversely and yes, it is located in the ground to the west, through imposing monolithic elements. Here the vision is completely different. Everything is more linear, transparent, rational.
In Eastern culture the garden is an ornament. Taking care of it and admiring it spreads peace and balance. The white of the volumes will be embellished by natural reflections between light and shade, generated by greenery and seasons.


Damiano Cappellari

Activities Carried Out

Design and Rendering