Our firm offers design solutions that embrace the widest range of client needs, from supporting private clients in building their prestigious villa, to taking part in small and large-scale real estate projects. From an interior design project to the supply of custom-made furnishing accessories. All our projects show the footprints of a design that enhances materials, lights and spaces through research and essential shapes.

Architectural design

  • Prestigious villas
  • Semi-detached villas, triplexes or terraced houses
  • Multi-storey apartment buildings
  • Buildings luxury brands
  • Resorts and Hospitality
  • Office headquarters
  • Masterplan development
  • Projects for competitions and concepts

Refurbishments and restorations

  • Architectural and structural redevelopment of existing buildings
  • Demolition and reconstruction projects on authorized foundations
  • Projects for heritage buildings subject to planning restrictions
  • Elevations and extensions
  • Recovery of ruins and ancient properties
  • Company headquarters renovation
  • Energy requalification
  • Facade cladding

Interior design

  • Living areas, kitchens and dining rooms
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Mezzanines
  • Hall and spa areas
  • Boutiques
  • Workplaces
  • Design and production of accessories and tailor-made furnishings
  • Processing of precious materials, such as marble, glass, wood, fabrics
  • Study and management of lighting
  • Design and construction of new lighting fixtures
  • Contracting and installation of furniture and accessories
  • Decorations


  • Design of gardens and private parks
  • Swimming pools and surrounding areas
  • Outdoor areas, patios and internal courtyards in villas or other buildings
  • Covered or semi-covered outdoor areas
  • Outdoor furniture and kitchens
  • Architectural and outdoor landscape lighting
  • Exclusive terraces and loggias
  • Garden roofs and hanging gardens
  • Vertical landscaping
  • Enhancement of visual corridors and views

Project management

D21A can be the right partner for real estate developments, as an external design studio or as a general contractor. We are a division of “Costruzioni Cappellari“, a building company active for over fifty years in all areas of the construction business, in Italy and abroad

We ensure an all-round integrated service, where time frames are carefully weighed, and the work agenda is planned to meet any previously defined time schedule. This is possible thanks to a patient and careful initial planning, attention to details and to the specific requests of the clients, who remain the pivot throughout the whole project development.

Every detail is discussed clearly and is supervised by excellent professionals.



We can render buildings, internal and external environments or details that have not yet been built with extreme realism, helping clients understand and see the essence of the project. Real and virtual details merge in a nearly seamless representation. Investors can visualize the same space with different renderings, to help them fine-tune their proposals to a selected clientele.

Art direction - study of the perfect mood


Photorealistic images


3D videos and movies

Interactive environments

Panoramic renderings and virtual tours