Real perceptions

Elegance, authenticity, light, space, surprise. A strong graphic hallmark, planned from a sketch through to a reality that combines research design with simple and clear shapes. Through study and respect, an cultured and soft architectural style is born, which creates a profound union between innovative thinking and environmental value. The lines become almost sensual, and particular links between form, space, surface and nature are apparent.

D21A is elegance and innovation. The order of volumes and clean shapes set the stage for exhibiting materials with an authentic character: marble, natural stones, glass and wood intersect to create the atmosphere originally thought out. The precise and careful attention to detail strengthens the project’s foundation thus allowing energy-efficient construction systems to be used with harmony.

The work within D21A is the result of a unique synergy between architect and client that is not limited to domestic environments, but also encompasses production sites and commercial spaces. A relationship that is strengthened around solid values and common visions.

Interior Design

Studio D21A is a design with a simple, clean and pure style. Mysterious and contrasting details with an oriental appeal can make every object unique and unusual. A game of proportions between lengths and surfaces that unravels stereotypes and description summaries, promotes liveability and tangible reality to every environment, both at home and at work.

Furnishing accessories are designed with deep thought and feeling and have a strong evocative capacity, delighting the senses through natural and harmonious proportions.

In a different light

Light is one of the main components in a project; perhaps the most important. Light fittings are drawn and created from scratch; they are real luminous works of art. From the light captured and enriched by the finest Murano glass, to the high-precision laser carving, the lighting department creates combinations between historical and minimalist lines, a balance of shapes that harmoniously outline and enhance environments.

Rendering Real Estate

D21A has a department entirely dedicated to rendering and digital architecture. With certified training, the power of constantly updated software and hardware, and a passion for the industry, the office can create extremely realistic images. Every detail is studied and shaped to perfection. Often real and digital merge and cause confusion however with the help of virtual reality visors, one can preview future architectural environments and interact with them, simulate the construction phases and realistically perceive details and design atmospheres.
“You can walk, run and fly inside the project. Turn lights on and off or configure materials and colours. A fusion between real and virtual”.

“A lot of importance is given to architectural videos. That is what we have in mind for the future. We are training and specialising in all the “behind the scenes” work phases, to produce the design films we have in mind…”

Through static renderings and video3d, Real Estate companies can allow customers and investors to truly understand the project, its characteristics or its possible future developments. By dedicating a small percentage studied in the business plan to these aspects, clients’ interest usually increases exponentially.

  • Rendering and Animation
  • Virtual reality and interactive applications
  • Production of architectural films, interior design and furnishing details